Monday, November 4, 2013

"Just One Minute": A Pinball Masters Gameplay Excerpt

The player pulls back the plunger, exhales, and launches the ball onto the table. The ball speeds through the launch ramp and into the gameplay area. The player can hear the ball as it ricochets back and forth between the bumpers, causing lights to flash and points to build. Watching intently as the ball makes its way down the table, the player tries to anticipate its arrival. Noting the ball traveling directly down the center, the player attempts to gently tilt the table. Unfortunately, the ball still escapes down the drain, but is saved and automatically relaunched. This time, the player manages to activate the flipper in time to send the ball back onto the field. As the player continues to bounce the ball around the table, a series of flags are triggered, and the player is given his first mission. A friendly assistant offers to grant shielding if the player shoots the ball up the left ramp in the next 30 seconds. A skill shot launches the ball up the ramp just in time to earn a basic shield in his inventory. The player decides not to use the shield at the moment, but to wait until he has to fight the next enemy. Hopefully he can also earn some healing and weaponry by completing other missions before he has to battle THE PINBALL MASTER!


  1. Fantastic! My only minor comment would be that this could be how the game starts - you might want to add something to indicate past successes and failures that are affecting the player mid-game so to speak, but overall really great energy!

  2. Thank you! I have a lot of passion about this game, and I really hope that comes across, and spreads along with my development!