Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's Finally Final!

After a fantastic semester of playing with Stencyl, gaming.js, and Unity, I have finally put together a basic pinball game. It isn't perfect...the game never actually ends, and the physics have some more tweaking, plays. There have been a lot of changes since the last prototype. In addition to basic bumpers, I have added triangle bumpers, a plunger simulator, drop targets, and lanes for the ball. Also, the game now keeps score, and it counts down your remaining balls. I have learned so much this semester, but as you can see, I have only touched on the basics of writing this game. The world of battles and levels and wormholes I envisioned isn't quite here, but now that I have the foundation, I can continue building upon this fantasy world of which I dream.

In the following video, I discuss my vision and strategy as I build the game, and there is a brief clip at the end of the game in action:

If you would like to try the game for yourself, please feel free to play it online.

I hope you enjoy, and Happy Holidays!!

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  1. Great work Allison - very impressed with the final project. Shame that you couldn't have done smaller increments of development work during the second half of the semester, as it would have allowed you to get much more feedback and input on your game. Anyhow, thanks for the link and have a great holiday break!