Sunday, April 27, 2014

Activity Diagram

After meeting with Tom of Dive Oahu, he explained that the current system he uses for logging dives is through Some of the perks of the system include the ability to download single or groups of dive records, both as a virtual log and in a printable manner. Tom expressed the desire, however, to be able to share these logs with buddies, as well as upload photos, which can also be tagged and shared. By having the logs stored virtually and accessible by online friends, the job of the dive coordinator/organizer is also made simpler by allowing them to quickly search for credentials online, in addition to compiling all the data necessary for submitting records to certification companies.

In looking at the flow of data through the proposed Dive Portal system, the following activity diagram shows the way users will be working in the system, as well as giving a timeline to demonstrate how this activity is different prior to a dive and following a dive.

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