Sunday, April 21, 2013

Implementation, Pt. 2

After an in-depth discussion with our instructor, we boiled our project down to the absolute essentials we need to include in our MVP, and we decided the best route to go for now is to simply build an app where users can read jokes. We will postpone implementing any user submissions, marking favorites, etc. for future versions. As such, we also decided to develop two versions of our interface. Our first version opens each new joke into a separate screen. Here are pictures of the landing page as well as the first joke opened.
Version 1, Home Screen

Version 1, Joke 1
For our second version, we decided to test a collapsible list (that's the term used by jQuery Mobile, while 4ourth Mobile uses the term "windowshade"). Here is a screenshot demonstrating two jokes open simultaneously.
Version 2
User testing will begin shortly on these two different versions, followed by more detailed CSS designing to implement different visual elements.


  1. Great work - you might include links to your actual prototypes as well in the blog post. Of course in principle I can find them on Github, although I'm still confused between your personal repo and your project one, which I can't find right now. But either way, others might be interested in the actual code as well as the images, so do include the github links even if you think the instructor should be able to figure them out :-)

  2. aha:, so:


    although version 1 doesn't seem to work via this method - maybe not completely implemented yet, hmm ... I get stuck on a spinner, ah here are some errors in the js console:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'onsubmit' of null

    maybe just incomplete code ...

  3. I did submit the HTML to the validator provided through W3. It could have something to do with htmlpreview??