Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Dog Ate My Homework

Problem Description
While this sounds like a horrible excuse to most, I was actually chased home by an ill-behaved dog as a child, and in the tizzy dropped my homework. Why I was carrying it in my hand rather than zipped in my backpack, I'll never know. Unlike my timid former self, most kids don't lose their homework to a dog, yet there are undoubtedly a number of situations in which children forget, or misplace, or even  ignore their homework. This problem is confounded by the lack of communication from teachers to parents regarding daily assignments. We have entrusted our youngest children with the responsibility of their own education, a trust situation most children are not prepared to handle.

System Capabilities
The proposed system would be similar to the current "Blackboard" system employed by many educational institutions, but would instead be a mobile application. While many lower income families don't have computers in the home, they do often have smart phones through which they could access the system, a feature not well facilitated by Blackboard. In its most basic form, the system would feature a bulletin board where the instructors would post daily assignments for each class. Additional functionality would include the ability to post documents, and even in-app problem sets or assignments. Finally, the capability to post grades through the app, visible only to the student and their parents, would round out this piece of software.

Business Benefits
The benefits of this begin with increased communication, which leads to greater assignment completion. In addition, readily available feedback regarding grades enables parental intervention and correction to occur earlier in the school year rather than waiting for conferences or report cards, all of which can lead to a better education for our youth.


  1. Great idea! Love it - I would use this with my kids.

  2. hi allison, great idea. that would also save a lot of trees. I would sure love to team up with you, if you want?