Saturday, February 15, 2014

Stakeholders: Divers' Social Network

As mentioned in a previous post, one of my visions is to create an all-in-one access point for divers. After attending Startup Weekend Honolulu, I had the opportunity to refine the idea with the help of some business mentors. First, we discussed the potential stakeholders and came up with the following:

  • Divers
It is not a hard stretch to imagine divers benefitting from software tailored specifically for them. But what are some of their benefits? As mentioned in the post last week, having a virtual record of dives allows for permanence of one's record. As tourists travel the globe, they are able to have this online way of presenting their certificates and logs to companies where they want to rent equipment. Additionally, they are able to check out dive information for "hot spots" when they travel. 

  • Dive companies
Having a social network of divers is a fantastic way for dive companies to have access to the particular market to which they are catering. Not only does this benefit their advertising, but it also allows them to have hands-free booking of charters and classes, saving time and ensuring integrity of records as they are stored online.

  • Boat captains
When boat captains are making the decisions about where to take their customers for the day, having an all-in-one access point for wave height and dive coordinate information allows for simpler decision-making. This information can also be instantly transmitted to the customers. Furthermore, when the captain launches, the stored dive coordinates can be uploaded into the integrated GPS system, reducing the amount of on-board technology required.
The MVP for such a system could take one of two routes. It could either be a social network developed for the dive community, or it could be an online booking system developed for dive companies. Ultimately, the two aspects will be part of a singular, seamlessly integrated system. Additional functionality includes some of the following components:

  • GPS integration (as mentioned above for boat captains)
  • Dive log management/storage
  • Dive certification management/storage
  • Retail store
  • Events (for local clubs; separate from paid events sponsored by companies)
  • Forums
    • Q&A
    • Community Highlights
    • Gear sales/swaps

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